A character in a book I read said Im an artist with the soul of an accountant. This resonated with me in part because it was inverse to the typical phrasing youd hear among struggling artists, and in part because it summed me up so well. The things I do in life are creative endeavors, be it music, writing, painting, or putting out zines and putting on festivals. The flip side of that was my upbringing at the hands of a librarian and an engineer, which lead to having a fairly left-brained approach to those things. I say all this because I believe in doing work that fits your life, and my life is one of an artist with the soul of an accountant.

My Work:

Photo Retouching

Clients such as Amazon, Nordstrom, Microsoft, and HTC; subjects ranging from books to jewelry, from housewares to cell phones, from shoes to the models wearing them; retouching got me started in this career and has played a role in it ever since.

Production Art

An extension of my photo editing jobs (or vice versa) most of this has involved developing automations and processes to increase the efficiency of the work while maintaining a high quality standard, and keeping on brand.


Not surprisingly my personal aesthetic pops up most here. Whether it be peripheral tasks done on the clock, or extracurricular endeavors.

Other Things

Sometimes I build Photoshop actions for fun. Other times I create ridiculous Photoshop based Tumblr blogs. I'm also a musician. I even try my hand at photography from time to time.